Fiesta Lube: Warm Gel

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Intim Warm Gel is classy and smooth, with a warm wet sensation with no added fragrance or colour. Comes in 70 ml.

Fiesta Intim Gels are designed to enhance sexual function, arousal and can be a great way to spice things up with your partner or set the mood for some solo play.

How to use:
Fiesta Intim Gels can be directly applied on the penis or the woman’s intimate areas. It can also be used on or inside a condom.

Provides lubrication for smooth and easier penetration
Minimizes irritation, discomfort, and vaginal dryness caused by any of the following: Menopause, Inadequate foreplay, Hormonal contraception
Compatible with all condoms and sex toys
Does not stain clothes or bed sheets
Suitable for anal, oral, and vaginal sex
Can be rinsed off skin or sex toys


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