Melao Natural Jojoba Oil

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Brand: MELAO

Efficacy: Jojoba oil is complemented by a variety of pure plant essential oil active factors, which quickly penetrates hair follicles to disinfect, promote cell regeneration and restore skin connective tissue.Specification:118ml
At the same time, it balances the secretion of oil on the surface of the skin, soothes sensitive skin, astringes pores, replenishes skin moisture, protects the skin from acne, and restores delicate and smooth skin with zero pores and zero acne.
Deep nourishment: The molecular arrangement of jojoba oil is very similar to that of the human body. It is easily absorbed by the skin. It is rich in natural vitamins and high-nourishing collagen and minerals. It can provide sufficient nutrition for the skin and restore the tired skin.
Moisturizing lock water: It has a strong moisturizing and moisturizing effect, prevents skin moisture loss, and the skin is full of luster, elasticity and beautiful after use.Fine pores: smooth, clear pores, regulate oil secretion, and improve fragile skin.


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